Yes, you can place orders without registration on the site, but this is not available in all categories or banks, but only in some of them

The site needs some simple data that you must provide to register for the site and this data is like
The e-mail
Telephone number

Prices are variable so that prices can change every two minutes in digital currencies and daily in the case of fixed currencies such as the dollar and others.

Orders will be reviewed from 5 minutes to two hours, according to your role. In ordering orders, you must keep the order number.

Actually the site has a system of discounts for members that works on 5 levels according to the total transfers that you made within our site
The discount rate is 5% on all orders that you make after obtaining this level

Indeed, you can profit from the site for free, through a commission marketing system that gives you profit on orders made by the person who you invited to the site via your link at 1%.
You should know that the minimum withdrawal bonus for the people you are inviting is $ 10